Freedom In Wickedness

It is a consistent theme in past cultures that elite courtesans were often the only truly free women. They were women of intellect, education, and power in worlds which denied that a woman could be anything.

It's time to reclaim that heritage.

Should the Cotton Ceiling be overcome?







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Recently, I was informed of the Cotton Ceiling effect, and after giving it some thought, I’ve decided to delineate my thoughts on the matter. Planned Parenthood Toronto has set up a full day Pleasure and Possibilities event as a follow up to their Coming Together seminar, which revolved around…

And here folks, we have transmisogynistic cis people trying to tell trans women about the oppression they experience
Please do not feed the cis people

Please do not feed the cis people

Please do not feed the cis people

Please do not feed the cis people

Because it can’t possibly be said enough: Cotton Ceiling is a racist and appropriative term. Recent in-community talk has The Cisbian Myth as a possible replacement (depending on whether it takes). Regardless of whatever replacements are out there we shouldn’t be using Cotton Ceiling to describe a very real issue of gross cis lesbian stereotyping and misgendering for the purposes of justifying sexual disgust based on cissexism and especially trans misogyny.

Explain to me how Cotton ceiling is racist? Glass ceiling is a term used to describe how WOMEN as in FEMALES reach an upper limit in salary and position. Cotton ceiling was not appropriated from people of colour. Please stop making everything about race when it isn’t always (it obviously is sometimes, but not this time.)

Glass ceiling was coined by PoC and appropriated by white feminists. And really, you need someone to explain why something with the word “cotton” in it is racist? You really are a motherfucking dipshit. Kindly do the world a favor and go fuck yourself with a herpes ridden hatchet.

I’d like documentation on the statement that “glass ceiling was coined by PoC and appropriated by white feminists.” Because literally the first time I saw that was on Tumblr, and the earliest references I can find to the glass ceiling are in reference to women’s advancement in the work place (1984 in Newsweek).

Yeah, really need to see receipts on this issue.

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    Concur. I have never in the entire 43 years of my life as a person of color ever heard that the term “glass ceiling"...
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    I’m still looking. And I’m still gonna err on the side of not aiding possible appropriation while I look rather than the...
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    willing to accept that there may be very few receipts, but I’m not willing to accept it as a cold claim with no receipts...
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    Probably not, but I’d rather ask than assume.
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    Reblogging for Kinsey being amazing.
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